Dear applicants,

From 25 to 27 July our website will undergo scheduled maintenance. Website and appointment system may be inaccessible during this time. We are sorry for possible inconvenience.


Консульские услуги в Российском визовом центре в Тбилиси

С 06 мая 2019 года Визовый Центр России в Тбилиси уполномочен Секцией интересов Российской Федерации при Посольстве Швейцарии в Грузии оказывать гражданам России услуги по содействию в получении консульского обслуживания по следующим направлениям:

  • вопросы гражданства
  • оформление заграничного паспорта
  • вопросы нотариата
  • истребование документов из России

Для обращения в Визовый центр по данным услугам, Вам необходимо предварительно оформить запись на нашем сайте.


Праздничные дни

Уважаемые заявители, обращаем Ваше внимание, что Российский визовый центр будет закрыт (праздничные дни):

  • 26 апреля
  • 29 апреля
  • 1,2,3 мая
  • 9,10 мая



Dear Applicants! Please note that Russian Visa Center will be closed since December 29, 2018 till January 8, 2019 due to public holidays.


Day Off on November 28, 2018

On November 28, 2018, the Russian Visa Center in Tbilisi will not work due to the the second round of the Presidential elections in Georgia. Please take this information into account when planning the dates for the start of your trip to Russia and the time you visit the Russian Visa Center in Tbilisi.


About opening of the Russian visa center in Tbilisi

On August 17, 2018, in order to improve the quality of services to citizens of Georgia, other states and persons without citizenship applying for visas to enter the Russian Federation, a Russian visa center will be opened in Tbilisi. In particular, the procedure for issuing visas will be accelerated and simplified, as well as the most favorable conditions for applicants will be created.

This is to be facilitated by the modern material and technical base of the Russian visa center, qualified personnel, 16 reception counters, convenient location in the center of the capital, comfortable office and other opportunities.

The Russian visa center is officially authorized to accept, process and submit documents for the consideration to the Russian Federation Interests Section at the Embassy of Switzerland in Tbilisi for the issuance of all categories of visas from individuals and organizations, hand over passports with ready visas and provide other services.

When submitting the documents, the applicant pays visa and service fees to the Russian visa center. Consular fee rates are set in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and international treaties. The service fee is a charge for the visa center services and amounts 30 USD. At the request of visitors, the visa center can provide additional services, the list and the cost of which is be specified on its official website.

The Russian visa center is registered as a Georgian legal entity – Travel Assistance Services as LLC located at Besiki street, 4, second floor, office 205, Tbilisi, Georgia. The website

For further information, please contact the Russian visa center by phone +995 (32) 224-15-51, or email at Reception of documents is conducted by appointment via the website

Please note that the Russian visa center and its staff can not influence the decision on the visa and the timing of the consideration of documents. The assessment of completeness and reliability of the documents submitted by the applicant for visa processing, the decision to issue (or refuse) visas are the exclusive prerogative of the Russian Federation Interests Section.

Applicants registered through the electronic queue system of the Russian Federation Interests Section starting from August 17, 2018 and later, are assigned for appointmrnt at the Visa center with the preservation of the original date of the visit. The applicants will be notified about the new appointment time by email.

Persons who wish to apply for a visa on an urgent basis can also contact the Russian visa center to make an appointment.